two broken ankles

A former ski instructor, nearing retirement after 20+ years as a college professor, asks himself "what will I do next? Well, he answers, it would be really cool to go heli skiing! Over 40 years on the slopes, including two broken ankles at Taos (at the same time), and yes, that is my final answer. Sadly, the salary of a college professor, while enviable on some levels, does not place professors among those with the financial capacity to afford such extravagance. So how does a lowly, and retired, college professor pay for a heliski vacation  - while also studying options for said dream vacation?

HeliskiTravel.com - Not a travel agency. I can't even afford a heli skiing vacation. I am a dreamer though (priceless). The first domain I came up with for this bright idea was heliskidreams.com. In addition to dreaming about an epic heli skiing vacation, I am curious about SEO and affiliate marketing. What a combination. I have run several successful websites over the years (without affiliate links), and enjoy the creative process, so this site helps me learn about both heli-skiing and SEO marketing.

Don't expect a niche site for each item on my bucket list ;) , but will certainly update this page if this plan is successful! While I may be forever consigned to the chairlift, which sounds just fine, I do not doubt my ability to gather information of interest to fellow heli ski dreamers. I hope my efforts make you happy!

Professor Powder

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