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World Heli Challenge 2011

World Heli Challenge 2011 The World Heli Challenge recently brought together a handful of top heliski and heli-boarding athletes from around the globe to compete in helicopter accessed competition. According to event organizers, the stated goal of this competition was to find out which athlete was the best “all rounder” by combinin free-ride and free-style [...]

Heli-skiing targets intermediate skiers

Heli skiing targets intermediate skiers Check out the following from MSNBC. It makes sense to target intermete skiers. There are a lot more of them! But is this a good idea? The challenge and excitement of alpine skiing can be experienced without frighteningly steep slopes. However, heli-skiing is expensive. As the article reports, heli-ski operators like [...]

Wasatch Powderbird Guides – Utah heli skiing and beyond!

Utah heli skiing and beyond! Check out the following from Wasach Powderbird Guides: According to the Wasatch Powderbird Guides website, their company began in 1973 when a few professional skiers began taking adventure loving travelers on heliski trips in the Utah backcountry. The company claims to focus on fun, adventure, and skill-instruction – with excursions gaining [...]

New Zealand Heli Skiing and Heli Boarding

New Zealand Heli Skiing and Heli Boarding Check out the Harris Mountains Heli-Ski site. It looks like a great heli skiing season in New Zealand! According to the company’s website, linked below, epic snowfalls are leading to some of the longest heli ski runs in the history of Harris Mountains Heli Ski. Now is the time [...]

Heli Skiing Guide – First skiing descent on Denali

Heli Skiing Guide A cool story from ESPN. Not a heli-skiing video, but Fransson is a former heli skiing guide. Be sure to check out the video! According to the article, linked below, Fransson grew up “sliding rails and jumping cliffs on telemark twin tips.” Skills were hoed while working as a ski instructor, and [...]

‪Arctic Heli Skiing – Iceland‬‏

Arctic Heli Skiing Check out this video by Arctic Heli Skiing Iceland: Learn more about heli-skiing and heli-boarding at

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